The building is a typical 'Pombaline' architectural 18th century bourgeois house. Surprisingly the basement and ground floor (the stables) of the building are pre-pombaline thus 17th century. After the 1755 earthquake destroyed almost every building in Lisbon, this building was probably redesigned and rebuilt from the 1st floor up in the Pombaline style.

The restoration of the building was a long process – almost 10 years – and it took a lot of relentlessness patience. There was a lot to be done. We started from the rooftop and walked our way down having finished recently the basement level. 

In a time when buildings are usually entirely demolished, when only the façades are preserved and the interiors are often anonymously rebuilt, we were stubborn and obsessive enough to preserve this one intact and reduce the intervention to the essential.

The original structure of stone masonry, lime and wood remained untouched. No concrete or steel reinforcements were added and whenever necessary existing wood beams were either reinforced or replaced.

As well as the previous owners, we respected a 300 years old existence. Character and history stood. We kept everything: ceilings, walls, wood floors, tiles, doors and shutters. These apartments in Lisbon are still Lisbon's. We know that to be the difference. Your stay is a unique and authentic one.


The building is located in the Bairro of Santa Catarina, in the historical centre of Lisbon. Santa Catarina is an old quarter which blends both palaces and residential buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. It has a wonderful location on the top of a hill facing the Tagus River and its margins. Alongside a small square and garden is the "Miradouro de Santa Catarina", from where you want to enjoy the astonishing view of the city and river.

Due to constrained traffic access, it is a very peaceful neighbourhood with almost no traffic.

A 3 min walk brings you either to Bairro Alto or to Chiado, where you can experience the Portuguese gastronomy and have a feel of the Bairro Alto's night life in its bars and discos.

A 10 min walk passing Chiado takes you to Baixa - down town, one of Lisbon's best shopping areas, an exquisite association of modern stores and old boutiques.


Lisboa is a small and a human scale city – you can walk everywhere! And you should!

Still, at a distance of 100 meters from the building, you can catch #28 tram that covers Lisbon's hills. When coming back home after a long day's fatigue, it can be a very good choice!

Just around the corner the Bica tram takes you down to Cais-do-Sodré where you will find the tramway to Belém and the train to Cascais. If you'd rather walk, enjoy a 10 minutes stroll going down aside the tramway rail line (Calçada da Bica), passing the Ribeira market and ending in Cais-do-Sodré. From there you can also take a ferry across the Tagus. The round trip grants you an incredible viewpoint over Lisbon and its hills.

The closest subway station is 'Baixa-Chiado' – a 10 min walk.